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Data collection is a very strategic result of CADAP considering that all other components such as drug policy development, prevention, treatment and coordination, depend on the collection of high-quality data; gaps and low accuracy in data inevitably affect the effectiveness of the interventions therefore, the relevance of this particular result.


Making data informed decisions is the starting point for balanced, tailored, and sustainable measures; having the right information allows policy and decision makers to prioritize the needs on prevention and treatment in each country as well as other issues to address through drug policy.


During its previous phases, CADAP has contributed to the development of National Drug Information Systems (DIS) to ensure better data collection in line with the standards and through them, the EU can provide best practices on data collection and monitoring strategies to facilitate record-keeping, data tracking, and reporting.


Activities from CADAP have contributed to the improvement of drug related data.  For example it has stablished permanent and effective National Focal Points (NFP), being Tajikistan’s National centre for Monitoring and Prevention of Drug Use, , Kyrgyzstan’s Analytical Center on Drugs’ Monitoring under Ministry of Interior Affairs and Uzbekistan’s National Information Analytical Centre for Drug Control, good examples where national coordination bodies of DIS are existing and operational. It is CADAP 7 objective to continue consolidating the effectiveness and performance of data collection mechanisms.

Other activities include supporting the establishment of national working groups (WGs) to monitor the drug situation. These WG are operational on most of the region and have proven to be very useful for sharing information and knowledge among national drug experts.

Although the level of progress in this area has been dissimilar in each country due to their specificities regarding their context and political situation, it is important to note that the quality of Annual Reports and drug key indicators has increased in most countries.

Considering the above and as part of the lessons learned from its previous phase, CADAP 7 will address the main challenges encountered on this topic and find new ways to continue the collaboration with national authorities in the field of data collection through tailored approaches to the specific needs of each country in the region.