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Data collection is a very strategic result of CADAP, as the other results (drug policy, prevention, treatment and coordination) hinge on the collection of high-quality data and gaps inevitably affect the effectiveness of the interventions.


During its previous phases, CADAP has contributed to the development of National Drug Information Systems (DIS) with the aim to ensure better data collection in line with the EMCDDA standards.

The importance of making relevant and informed decisions is the starting point for balanced, tailor-made, and sustainable measure and it affects the setting not only of priorities in drug policy, but also the DDR strategies and treatment needs in each country. On top of that, the implementation of EU best practices on data collection and monitoring strategies facilitates record-keeping, data tracking, and reporting.

Yet, the level of progress in this area has been dissimilar in each country due to their specificities regarding their context and political situation.

It is important to note that the quality of Annual Reports and drug key indicators has increased in most countries.

CADAP has supported the establishment of national working groups (WGs) on monitoring of drug situation which are operational in every country except in TK.

These WGs have proven to be very useful for sharing information and knowledge among national drug experts.

Overall, activities from CADAP have contributed to the improvement of drug related data though challenges still exist. This is the case for instance of the establishment of permanent and effective National Focal Points (NFP) 30 which remains a challenge in the region although Tajikistan (National centre for Monitoring and Prevention of Drug Use, the only centre of this type and size in CA) and Uzbekistan (National information analytical centre for drug control) constitute good examples where national coordination bodies of DIS are existing and operational.

CADAP 7 will continue consolidating the effectiveness and performance of data collection mechanisms.

Based on the lessons learnt from its previous phase, CADAP 7 will address the main challenges encountered on this topic and find new ways to continue the collaboration with national authorities in the field of data collection. In this vein, given the different progress made by CA countries, it will be key to elaborate tailor-made programmes which are better adapted to each country in the region.