Enhancing the importance of primary prevention in communities


On June 16, CADAP Programme In cooperation with partners represented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, CADCA (Public Coalitions of America for the Prevention of Drug Abuse) and Public Foundation “Door-Eli”,  conducted a Forum “Cooperation between the state and civil society in the field of primary prevention through public coalitions”. Providing a platform for cooperation and exchange of experience, the event gathered members of the Parliament, representatives from Ministry of Interior and its counter-drug service, Ministry of Health and its Center of Psychiatry and Narcology, Сenter of Health and Mass Communications, local administrations, NGOs and international organisations.

Main task of the Forum was to include into the public agenda the issue of primary prevention in communities, to strengthen the role of state, municipal structures and civil society, in preventing the use of psychoactive substances, especially among young people. Moreover, to share the experience of already established public coalitions in the regions and outline plans for organizing new public coalitions in Bishkek.

Welcoming the guests and participants of the Forum, the representative of the European Union Cosimo Lamberti noted that the European Union has been supporting this direction for 20 years. “Much has been done, but more remains to be done. The number of drug users is increasing, and the types of drugs are changing. Here it is necessary not only to punish the guilty, but to work in all directions, and especially in the field of primary prevention. To work together, hearing every voice and every opinion,” he said.

According to Marlen Mamataliyev, Member of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, along with the development of the legislative framework, the identification of causes and preventive work are of great importance. “Parliament always supports such initiatives. If the proposals based on the results of this forum are fixed in an official document, then, if necessary, we will hold a meeting of the Parliament on this issue and give necessary tasks,”  – he added.

The Forum was followed by a consultative meeting and a workshop, gathering experts on PS (psychoactive substances) providing them a possibility to share with decision makers  all challenges, risks and consequences of PS use in communities, its impacts on human lives; to define priorities for further actions and to draft a logical model for future social coalitions.