Essay competition for the students of the Kyrgyz Republic


The essay competition is organized and run by the Centra Asia Drug Action Programme (CADAP) and the Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA), funded by the European Union, as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of these Programmes in Central Asia.


2.1 Participation in the competition is free of charge.

2.2. Students of higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic take part in the competition.

2.3. The competition accepts individual works. Works made by a team of authors are not allowed to participate in the competition.

2.4. One participant submits one entry.


4.1. The competition accepts works corresponding to the following topics:

“EU-Central Asia Cooperation: Ways to Strengthen Regional Stability and Security in Central Asia”.

At the same time, at the request of the contestants, this topic can be revealed both through the prism of effective border management and border security, and the role of young people in the prevention of drug use and strengthening national and regional policies in the field of countering the spread of drugs.

4.2. The work must correspond to the genre of the essay. The essay is a creative mini-composition in which the participant sets out his vision of the proposed topic, trying to substantiate it, based on existing trends in social development, as well as referring to facts drawn from social or personal experience.

4.3. The essay is submitted as an author’s product that does not contain either completely or partially elements of plagiarism.

4.4. Citation of the used literature is made in the form of footnotes with all the output data of the sources (author, title of the work, city of publication, publisher (periodical), year of publication (issue number), pages).


5.1. Competitive works are provided in Russian, English or Kyrgyz languages.

5.2. The design of the competitive essay must meet the following requirements:

– volume of work: up to 5,000 characters (including spaces);

– A4 sheet, portrait orientation;

– size 14, type of font – Times New Roman, line spacing – 1.5;

– margins: 3 cm on the left, top and bottom -2 cm, on the right – 1.5 cm;

– structure: introduction – main part – conclusion;

– name of the competition in the header – on the right;

– title: in the center of the page (name of the author under the title on the right).

5.3. The work must be submitted in electronic form: a file in Word format. A file containing the following information must be attached to the work: last name, first name, patronymic (in full); name of the educational institution, course, group number; contact mobile phone; email address.

5.4. Works that do not meet the specified requirements are not allowed to participate in the competition.


6.1. Acceptance of competitive works is carried out from May 25 to July 25 (inclusive). Works received after the deadline will not be considered by the competition committee.

6.2. The announcement of the results of the competition is carried out by posting an information message on the website

6.3. The winners will receive diplomas at the awards ceremony, the date of which will be announced later.


7.1. The overall management of the competition is carried out by the Organizing Committee, consisting of employees of  BOMCA and CADAP programmes s and the Delegation of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic.

7.2. Members of the competition commission consider the work in two stages. The first stage is the selection of essays meeting the stated criteria. The second stage consists in evaluating the selected works and identifying the winners of the competition.


8.1. The competition is held in absentia.

8.2. To participate in the competition, the student sends the work to the competition committee within the specified period.

8.3. Entries are accepted in electronic form:

– to the electronic mailbox (must be indicated in the subject of the letter “Essay Contest”);

8.4. Works submitted for the competition are not returned, reviews are not announced.

8.5. Each work is checked by at least 3 members of the competition commission.

8.6. Determination of the winners of the competition is made by the competition commission and taking into account the criteria on a 5-point scale (Appendix 1).

8.7. The decision on the results of the competition is made by the competition commission based on the total points received by the works during the expert assessment.

8.8. The winners of the contest are the participants whose works took 1-3 places according to the results of the expert evaluation; laureates – students whose works took 4-5 places.

8.10. The Competition Commission has the right to establish additional nominations and awards.

8.11. The winners of the competition, laureates and winners in nominations receive diplomas and certificates.

8.12. The works of the winners and laureates of the competition will be published in a collection of essays.


If you have any questions, or for additional information, please contact the curators of the competition:

Zhanna Tashieva, Communications and External Actions Manager of the CADAP Programme

Arkabaeva Cholpon, BOMCA Public Relations Manager