On April 10-12 Group of experts on prevention of drug use from Poland visited Kazakhstan to meet national partners and to discuss the latest findings in drug prevention and develop educational programmes that have proven to be effective in stopping or reducing the negative health and social consequences of drug use.
Experts mission, made possible within EU-funded Central Asia Drug Action Programme (CADAP), will be
summarized by working groups meetings in which the educational packages will be developed.
This expert mission met with national partners such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice where highlighted the science behind evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions. This meeting provides a space for experts to share their research and views on the most urgent and crucial issues related to the science of drug use prevention and treatment.
Mrs Akerke Abylaikhan, Deputy Head of the Committee on Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan highlighted the need in developing methodological drug prevention programme that will focus on students at risk. She pointed out that the Ministry is responsible not only providing higher education but also educational-nurturing process of the youth.
International and national experts look into possibilities of applying evidence-based prevention and
treatment methods in a practical way when developing effective educational programmes. In working
groups experts discussed effective, accessible and affordable educational curricula. Based on European
experience, expert group began work on development of several educational packages – Curriculum on drug prevention for post-graduated training, educational package for intervention focused on stigma reduction, Guidelines for selective prevention program addressed to women and vulnerable groups.