At its regular meeting which has been conducted on April 16 in Bishkek, the Technical Committee
of the European Union-funded Central Asia Drug Prevention Program (CADAP) discussed the
Programmes’s progress to date and outlined plans for the near future. The meeting was attended
by representatives of government agencies involved in the implementation of national drug
policy – the Service for Combating Drug Trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz
Republic, the Ministries Foreign Affairs, Health, Justice, international organizations and NGOs.
In addition to discussing the achieved results, exchanging views and determining an action plan
for the near future, aspects of extension of CADAP 7 Programme were discussed in the light of
the effective implementation of the State Anti-Drug Program of the Kyrgyz Republic.
“Our agency attaches great importance to cooperation with the CADAP, which combines our
efforts in matters of drug control and also in developing evidence-based drug policies, providing
quality services for vulnerable groups of the population, taking into account respect for gender
equality and human rights. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic also expresses
interest in continuing the implementation of CADAP 7 in order to achieve key results in the field
of data collection, strengthen the national information system to obtain objective, evidence
based information on the drug situation,” noted Almazbek Temishov, head of the department of
prevention and international interaction of counter-drug service of the Ministry of Internal
Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.
CADAP Technical Committee meetings, held twice a year at the country level, continue to serve
as a basis for monitoring progress towards project goals and as a benchmark for the effectiveness
of collaboration and partnerships with beneficiaries during Programme implementation.