Methodology of the study has been developed with the support of the ЕU program
• “Central Asia Drug Action Program (CADAP-6)”.
• The study was conducted in March 2018 on the basis of the Tashkent City Narcological Dispensary.
• The target group was the opioid users, registered by the Tashkent City Narcological Dispensary for the
period 2000-2017, and were under supervision of narcologists before the start of the study.
• A complete sample included 102 opioid drug users, of whom the main group consisted of all 52 drug dependent individuals (48 men and 4 women), who had HIV-positive status at the time of the study. Among
HIV-negative opioid users who were under supervision of the Tashkent City Narcological Dispensary, a
comparison group of 50 people (48 men and 2 women) was selected by a method of random numbers.