The main methamphetamine production sites in the EU are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Czechia and neighbouring countries (see Figure Location of sites related to methamphetamine production in the EU, 2018-2020). Overall, nine EU Member States reported the dismantling of 215 methamphetamine laboratories in 2020. This included large-scale facilities in Belgium (5) and the Netherlands (32), sometimes involving suspects from Latin America (including Mexicans), pointing to an injection of external expertise in EU-based methamphetamine production. In Czechia, where the laboratories dismantled are on a smaller scale, 160 illicit methamphetamine laboratories were detected in 2020 (compared with 234 in 2019), around two thirds of which had a production capacity of up to 50 grams. The reduction in the number of laboratories detected in Czechia in 2020 is thought to be driven by COVID-19-related shortages of medicines containing pseudoephedrine and other substances necessary for production in some regions.