Innovate experience and cooperation between state and civil society in evidence based prevention of drug use discussed during regional forum in Almaty


CADAP in cooperation with  Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan , CADCA (Public Coalitions of America for the Prevention of Drug Abuse) and INL Astana ( Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement) conducted a Forum “Exchange of best practices in cooperation between the state and civil society in matters of evidence-based prevention of psychoactive substance use through public initiatives”.

The Forum, conducted on April 22-23 is a regional event designed to facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned on the creation and sustainability of effective community prevention initiatives. The forum was focused on the Central Asian region and aims to highlight the effectiveness of public initiatives in addressing the problem of psychoactive substance use at the community level. The event highlighted the importance of collaboration between national and local governments and civil society in implementing evidence-based prevention initiatives. Participants from Central Asian countries considered practical measures to support and promote the efforts of community initiatives and increase their effectiveness. The Forum served as a platform for international experts and stakeholders to contribute to the broader success of evidence-based substance use prevention initiatives in Central Asia.

Mr. Khadji-Gali Imazhanov, Head of the Department of Combatting Drug Crime of the Ministry of Internal
Affairs of Kazakhstan informed that in Kazakhstan is active a Comprehensive Plan to combat drug
addiction and drug trafficking for 2023-2025. Its development took into account the features of the
transformation and conditions of the global drug market, such as an increase in the number of new
psychoactive substances, changes in methods of production and distribution of drugs. The introduction
of achievements of scientific and technological progress is also taken into account. “Along with the
development of the legislative framework, the identification of causes and preventive work are of great
importance”. – he underlined.

Ernest Robello, CADAP Director, noted that the European Union has been supporting this direction for 20
years. “Much has been done, but more remains to be done. The number of drug users is increasing, and
the types of drugs are changing. Here it is necessary to work in all directions, and especially in the field of primary prevention. To work together, hearing every voice and every opinion,” he said.