CADAP Programme handed over additional equipment for “Clean Zones”


On May 31, in a presence of Ms. Marilyn Josefson, EU Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, an additional new equipment was handed over to the management of “Clean Zones” based on colonies No. 31 and No. 2.

Thanks to the support of CADAP programme, in 2010 and 2018, so-called “clean zones” were built at colonies No. 31 and No. 2, intended for the rehabilitation of persons who refused to use psychoactive substances. With the support of the European Union, the ‘clean zone’ improves the availability and variety of the treatment and rehabilitation facilities within prison. It aims to improve the quality of life and provides an abstinence-oriented service. The comprehensive package of services (both abstinence and harm reduction) for clients.

CADAP supports the so-called “Atlantis” drug treatment programmes in the prison system in Kyrgyzstan. The “Clean Zones” and “Atlantis” centres were introduced within the CADAP previous phases with the EU financial support. Trained professionals from the public health system, social workers and psychologists work with patientswith substance abuse disorders. Clients entitled to the Clean Zone are engaged and stabilized in abstinence-oriented inpatient treatment service.

The centres are located in a separate building within the prison setting, which are equipped and supplied to carry out rehabilitation. In  living blocks designed to accommodate 30-40 people, the trained staff – social workers and psychologists work with the clients. With the support of previous CADAP phases, a living block with classrooms, a gym, a dining room, and a small sewing room have been refurbished and equipped for both facilities.

Within CADAP 7, additional equipment for both clean zones have been provided for the amount of EUR 25 000 – sewing machines, water heaters, stoves, dish washers, air conditioners, fridges and other.

The drug addiction treatment program is available in 9 correctional facilities under the Atlantis rehabilitation program. This 12-step rehabilitation program, lasting 3-6 months, represents  a recognized approach in treating drug addiction and recovery from psychoactive substance abuse. In 2006, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic sent a request to the CADAP Program regarding the further rehabilitation of clients after the main program was completed. In 2009, in support of this request, the first “Clean Zone” was created in the male correctional colony #31, and in 2018, the second “Clean Zone” was created in the female correctional colony #2.

Since 2006, CADAP Programme has been providing technical assistance to the Kyrgyz penitentiary system in building institutional and technical capacity, improving existing drug demand reduction measures, taking into account the socio-demographic characteristics of individual clients, their needs, barriers and challenges they face in accessing services. Taking these factors into account helps the Kyrgyz penitentiary system provide the best possible set of options and choices for various vulnerable groups.